Sewing Escape and Ladder Belts

Fire fighters rely on escape and ladder belts as a last resort to bail out and save their own lives. Harness and belts may require a heavier duty machine for proper stitching. Halo Sewing offers heavier duty industrial sewing machines to repair and maintain the thicker harnesses and belts.

Sew a Full Body Harnesses

Fire fighters use full body harnesses for extraction and fall protection. They rely on these nylon and sometime polyester synthetic webbing harness for safety while they save others' lives. Full body harnesses may require a heavier duty machine for proper stitching, depending on the construction and design. Halo Sewing offers heavy duty industrial sewing machines to manufacture these thicker harnesses of varying constructs.

Sew Bunker Gear

Bunker, or turnout gear, are the pants and coats that fire fighters wear for heat and fire protection. The gear comprises of an outer shell and an inner shell to composite comfort with fire retardant fabric. Reflective fabrics are often sewn on for added visibility and saftety. Bunker gear is often repaired and maintained. Halo Sewing offers medium duty industrial sewing machines. | 570-649-5299